In Colour | Ottawa Wedding Photography

Since I posted my photos from Highball, I've been thinking through the ways that film should figure in other kinds of events work that I do. I'm sharing this little set of wedding images from earlier in the summer to expand on my growing inventory of the kinds of recording that are possible with the analogue tools available to me. 

As much as I love the motion and energy of high-grain, black-and-white pictures, turning back to colour and natural light has been eye-opening now that I'm working in medium format. Shooting in colour slows the pace of an event, a consequence of making photographs with lower-speed films and a larger, heavier camera. As I keep trying to articulate why exactly I shoot film, I don't want to lose sight of the relationships between the medium I work in, the way I move through spaces as a photographer, and the kinds of narratives my photos can form. 
A simple change in pace might shift different moments to the foreground and bring different stories into existence.

Shot on Kodak Portra 160 and 400 + Fujichrome Provia 100f | Processed and scanned by GPC Labworks